Broadhead Chromato Released to Mark Partnership with Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre


OTTAWA, ON – A six-month partnership currently underway between Ottawa’s Broadhead Brewing and a scientific program at Carleton University is being marked with a release of a new beer.

Launched on July 1st and running through the rest of 2015, the collaboration between Broadhead and the Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre (CMSC) is described as follows:

The six-month project explores shelf life and storage temperature questions for the microbrewery. Mass spectrometry was used to obtain the molecular fingerprint of right-out-of-the-tank beer with an optimal taste and, by analyzing how the chemistry changes over time at a range of temperatures and in different types of containers, Broadhead will be better able to advise its distributors and customers how to handle the product.

To commemorate the project, Broadhead has released Chromato, a 5.2% abv beer which has the following notes:

Chromato is an Oktoberfest style beer with a twist. It is named after the chromatogram generated by CMSC analysis. Instead of a traditional lager yeast, an ale yeast was used which gives this beer a more complex and robust flavour. Vienna malts bring out a nice toasty malt sweetness which combine with the ale yeast esters (identified by the CMSC process as fruit flavours) to create a smooth, warm and delicious beer.

Chromato is available now for growler fills at the Broadhead retail store, and on tap at select bars and restaurants in Ottawa.

For more details on the partnership, see this article on the Carleton website.

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