33 Acres Releases Pair of Limited Edition Beers


VANCOUVER, BC33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of two limited edition beers – one a fresh-hopped version of one of its flagship brands, and the other a brand new creation.

Getting the wet-hop treatment is 33 Acres of Ocean, the brewery’s West Coast style pale ale. This special version is described as follows:

This is a full flavoured beer integrated with a distinct floral hop which gives it a quality unique to our Pacific Northwest surroundings. This style is evolutionary from a typical IPA with an assertive hop, lower alcohol content, and slight pine aroma. Low in malt character, this beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament. We’ve used ingredients harvested near the Pacific Ocean including Cascade and Centennial hops. Substantive hop flavour paired with a bit of caramel complete the composite to end with a medium finish.

The new arrival is 33 Acres of Welkin, which is named after an archaic term that “refers to the sky, the upper air, the firmament, the heavens or the Celestial sphere.” It has the following descriptive notes:

33 Acres of Welkin is a wheat ale that provided ample opportunity for something familiar, while the hops offered something a bit more surprising. Identifiably hoppy, there is a hidden hint of something unexpected, that is fuelled by this constant desire to create something of “texture.”

Both beers are available now at the 33 Acres tasting room in glasses and growlers. The fresh-hopped edition of Ocean is also available at select licensees.

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