Indie Ale House Launching Fates & Furies Series with Grendel’s Revenge


TORONTO, ON – In recognition of its 3rd birthday this weekend, Toronto’s Indie Ale House has announced the launch of a new series of limited edition beers under the name Fates & Furies.

The first beer to be released in the new series is Grendel’s Revenge, a blend of an English Old Ale and a Flanders Sour Brown Ale that is described as follows:

The beer is made with our house strain of wild yeast and bacteria, aged in Port, Madeira and Red wine barrels from 1 to 3 years. Different vintages of the beers are blended to achieve the desired mix of flavours; the deep tobacco and rich leather notes from the barrels, the tart and funky from the house strain of wild yeast, big in body and slightly sweet from the malt. This is a big, complex beer for lovers of Flanders style ales.

Grendel’s Revenge will be available in a limited edition of 500 x 750 ml champagne-style bottles that will go on sale today at 5:00 PM in the Indie retail store. Each bottle will cost $15 – including a $2.50 deposit – with a limit of 4 bottles per person.

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