The Ontario Craft Beer Guide by Robin LeBlanc & Jordan St. John Announced for 2016 Publication


TORONTO, ON – Toronto-based beer writers Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John have announced that their co-authored book The Ontario Craft Beer Guide will be published in 2016 by Dundurn Press.

The first comprehensive book of its kind since 1993’s Ontario Beer Guide by Jamie Mackinnon, The Ontario Craft Beer Guide will “detail the many breweries, brewpubs, and contract breweries this great province offers along with providing brief expert reviews of their offerings.”

“Ontario’s beer scene is expanding so quickly that it’s daunting to keep track of it all,” says St. John in a statement announcing the book. “For the first time since 1993, beer drinkers will have a handy reference guide to help them navigate all of the choices they now have.”

“I think a common misconception with many people is that Ontario has fewer breweries than it actually has,” adds LeBlanc. “One of the goals of this guide is to both showcase and celebrate the well over 200 establishments brewing some damn fine, and in some cases world class, beer.”

For more details on the book as it comes closer to publication, see the author’s respective websites – The Thirsty Wench and St. John’s Wort – and follow them on Twitter at @TheThirstyWench and @saints_gambit.

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