Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. Announces New Location for Brewing Facility


KITCHENER, ONDescendants Beer & Beverage Co. has announced that plans to open its brewing facility in an historic mill site have been set aside in favour of a less picturesque but more suitable location.

Launched in early 2014 by partners Robin Molloy and C. Lee Brooks as a contract brewing operation, Descendants had intended to open a brewery at the Wellesley Mill in the small village of Wellesley, but that proved to be more difficult than expected.

“We still love the mill,” says Molloy, “but there were many challenges with the building. In the end we decided it would be best to launch our business in our hometown of Kitchener.”

Descendants will now located at 319 Victoria St. N. in Kitchener, in a facility that will include at 15 hectolitre brewhouse, tasting room and retail store. Construction will be underway soon, with an aim to have the brewery up and running by early 2016.

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