Molson Coors Launching Rickard’s Red Series with Rickard’s Red IPA


TORONTO, ONMolson Coors Canada has announced the launch of a new series of limited edition beers based on Rickard’s Red that will “explore the world of amber beer in new and unique ways”.

The Rickard’s Red Series is kicking off this week with the release of Rickard’s Red IPA, a 5.7% abv and 40 IBU red ale developed by brewmaster Steve Stradiotto (pictured above) and described as follows:

Rickard’s Red IPA features the hops-forward notes of a traditional IPA balanced with the rich Munich malt flavour that drinkers love in Rickard’s Red. The result is a harmony of bitter and sweet in a deep ruby hue that is distinctly Rickard’s.

Rickard’s Red IPA will be available across the country in 473 ml cans, six-packs of 341 ml bottles, and as part of the Rickard’s Winter Taster Pack, with availability of each format varying by region and retailer.

[Photo of Steve Stradiotto by Christopher Drost]

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