20 Valley Brewery Launches in St. Catharines


ST. CATHARINES, ON – 20 Valley Brewery has recently launched in St. Catharines, with a “beta” version of its flagship brand now available at select local bars and pubs.

Shipman’s Corners Session Ale is a 5% abv cream ale with the following description:

Dedicated to the first designation of St. Catharines, our first beer, Shipman’s Corners Session Ale, welcomes our future by saluting the city’s past. Crisp and clean, it’s an uncomplicated brew that sets the precedent of what you can expect to come out of 20 Valley Brewery.

The prototype edition of Shipman’s Corners is on tap at Feathery Pub and Kilt & Clover in St, Catharines, and Barra Fíon Tapas & Barrel in Burlington.

For more details, see the 20 Valley Brewery Facebook page.

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