Mill Street Winter 2015-16 Sampler Pack Now Available


TORONTO, ONMill Street Brewery has announced details of the latest edition in the Mill Street Seasonal Sampler series of mixed six-packs.

The Winter 2015-16 package features four year-round brands – Organic Lager, Tankhouse Ale, 100th Meridian Lager and Vanilla Porter – along with a pair of seasonal brands.


Black Watch is a 6% abv Scotch ale with the following notes provided by brewmaster Joel Manning:

When I was a younger brewer, Scotch Ales were my preferred style to brew and drink and are a very good style to learn how to make well. I love the extreme maltiness of these beers that are underpinned with hops used to help make the malt sweetness manageable, but also occasionally used as a “kiss” like they are with this beer in the form of dry hopping that adds a touch of Britishness.

Betelgeuse is an 8.5% abv Belgian-style tripel with the following desciption:

Monks often name their stronger beers after “troublemaking” characters of lore, so we named ours after a star in the Orion Constellation that glows brightest in the winter’s night sky.  Just remember Betelgeuse is pronounced ‘Beetle-Juice’! Belgian Tripels are a style of strong golden ales traditionally produced by vocational (Trappist) monks. Betelgeuse is a devilishly strong “star” in our family with notes of pear, peach, apple, citrus, clove and bubble gum.

The Mill Street Winter Seasonal Sampler is available now LCBO outlets across Ontario, retailing for $14.15 per pack.

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