Category 12 Releases Induction Dubbel & Simplicity Ale


VICTORIA, BCCategory 12 Brewing has announced details of two new beers that are now available.

Induction Dubbel is a Belgian-style ale being released as a winter seasonal. It has the following notes:

Our 8th beer release, Induction Dubbel, features Dark candi syrup handcrafted by our beer chemists in the Belgian tradition. Induction features a rich, red colour, with hints of dark fruit notes and brown sugar. Settle in by a warm fire with a glass in hand and let the Induction begin.


Simplicity Ale was available at several festivals over the summer, and is now getting a wider release. It’s described as follows:

Showcasing organic spelt grain, this 5% ABV, champagne coloured ale starts with a lightly fruity and floral nose that leads into a subtle body with a crisp, dry finish. Clean and slightly bittered – with just a hint of European sass – Simplicity reminds us all to step back, relax and appreciate the finer details.

Both beers are available now at the C12 tasting room and shop, and will be released at select liquor stores next week.

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