R&B Brewing Releases Vancouver Special IPA


VANCOUVER, BCR&B Brewing has announced the release of a new beer named after a unique style of house common in the East Vancouver neighbourhood that the brewery calls home.

Vancouver Special IPA gets its name from the sturdy and affordable Vancouver Special homes that were built en masse starting in the mid-1960s primarily to house the large influx of immigrants and refugees that settled in the area.

The 6% abv and 75 IBU beer has the following tasting notes:

This hop-dominant IPA featuring Pacific Northwest hops is named for the box-like houses built in East Vancouver between 1965 and 1985. With moderate bitterness, it has floral citrus-like flavours — copper-coloured ale with full hoppy aroma it has mid level maltiness which gives it a medium body.

Vancouver Special IPA is available now in 650 ml bottles, as well as in 20 and 50 litre kegs.

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