Black Creek Benson Strong Ale Coming to LCBO


TORONTO, ONBlack Creek Historic Brewery has announced details of a new seasonal beer that will be available soon at the LCBO.

Benson Strong Ale is an interpretation of Thomas Benson’s recipe for “Strong Beer” that was previously brewed over the summer in small batches available exclusively at Black Creek Pioneer Village under the name Thomas Benson’s Olde Ale.

Now being made on a larger scale and bottled for wider distribution, the 6% abv ale is described as follows:

It pours fairly dark, coppery amber. Additions of star anise (which produces flavours similar to Benson’s liquorice root) and molasses lend this beer a smooth, complex sweetness. Like our summertime experiment, this beer has a touch of cayenne pepper. The cayenne here is quite subtle: just a bit of warmth running into the chest on the finish. Mouthfeel: medium weight, and a round body. This isn’t your usual 2015 beer – but it’s a highly drinkable, satisfying brew.

Benson Strong Ale will be available soon in 500 ml bottles at select LCBO locations in Ontario, while supplies last


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