Report: Loblaws to Launch Beer Sales in Ontario Stores This Week


TORONTO, ON – Beer writer Ben Johnson reports on Ben’s Beer Blog that Loblaws is planning to launch beer sales at select stores in Ontario this week.

Loblaws was among the 13 grocery stores and chains that were named last month as winners in the first round of competitive bids for the rights to sell beer in the province.

Johnson reports that Loblaws is expected to announce that 17 of its stores – including seven in the GTA, four in Eastern Ontario, five in Western Ontario, and one in Northern Ontario – will start selling beer on Friday December 18th, although another source has informed CBN that sales may start as early as tomorrow (Tuesday December 15th).

In addition, at least 50% of the 150 brands that Loblaws is planning to sell will be from Ontario craft breweries, including Amsterdam, Beau’s, Collective Arts, Great Lakes, Nickel Brook, and many more. This is well above the 20% minimum that is mandated in the agreement between the Government and participating retailers.

For more details, including lists of the Loblaws stores that will be selling beer and some of the brands they will be stocking, see the original article on Ben’s Beer Blog.

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