Torchlight Brewing Releases Pair of Winter Seasonals


NELSON, BC – Torchlight Brewing has announced the release of two winter seasonal brands that are well-suited to holiday gift-giving.

Tripel Abbey Style Ale (9% abv, 38 IBU) and Gruit Medieval Style Ale (8% abv, n/a IBU) are part of the brewery’s bottle-conditioned beer series, and are described as follows:

Tripel Abbey Style Ale is similar to Tripels brewed by the Trappist monasteries in Belgium. It is a strong beer that comes across very light, with a soft golden colour and a subtle sweetness. Smooth and very drinkable, it benefits from aging.

Gruit Medieval Style Ale is brewed in the tradition of historic ales from before the use of hops to flavour beer was popularized. It is flavoured with a collection of herbs, collectively known as Gruit, that lends its name to the ale itself. The resulting brew is something that is very unusual, and quite unlike anything most people have ever tasted. It will benefit from significant aging. Several years in the bottle is recommended and will result in something very different than what you will taste initially.

Both beers are available now in limited runs of wax-dipped bottles at the Torchlight retail store and select private liquor stores in British Columbia while supplies last.

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