Craft Jams Cooks Up Fruit Jams & Jellies Made With Ontario Craft Beers


TORONTO, ON – A recently launched company in Toronto is selling a line of jams and jellies made using some of the owners’ favourite local craft beers.

Craft Jams was founded by Brandon Rennie and Dave Hylton, and is currently offering three core brands: Blueberry Brown Ale with Maple made using Black Oak Brown Ale; Raspberry Red Ale with Thyme made using Big Rig Red Ale; and Strawberry Stout with Vanilla made using Sawdust City Skinny Dipping Stout.

Craft Jams products are currently sold exclusively at beer festivals and craft shows, but the partners hope to have them available at brewery retail stores and other boutique shops soon.

For more details, see the Craft Jams Twitter feed and Instagram page.

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