StoneHammer Releases Pair of Winter Specialty Beers


GUELPH, ON – StoneHammer Brewing has released details of two limited edition seasonal beers that are currently available.

Moose Mug Eggnog Pale Stout is a 6.4% abv strong ale described as follows:

For our Moose Mug Eggnog Pale Stout we’ve taken a traditional sweet stout recipe and brewed it without the dark roasted malts, resulting in a beer that pours a pale golden colour while maintaining the smooth mouthfeel expected of the style.


Hibernaut Imperial Brown Ale is an 8.6% abv dark beer with the following notes:

Hibernaut pours a ruby-tinged mahogany reminiscent of a favourite leather chair. Taste and aroma complement each other to bring baked goods and dark chocolate to mind while the higher alcohol content warms you throughout.

Both beers are available now in bottles at the StoneHammer retail store in Guelph, and on tap at select bars and pubs in Ontario, while supplies last.

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