Boxing Rock Releases Collaborations with Upstreet & Professor McDougall


SHELBURNE, NSBoxing Rock Brewing has announced the release of two collaborative beers, one of them the second to be brewed in partnership with PEI’s Upstreet Craft Brewing, and the other created together with award-winning homebrewer Jason “Professor” McDougall.

The Upstreet collaboration Rumble In The Alley: Round 2 is a 6.7% abv IPA described as follows:

This second round of Single Malt and Single Hop beers features a SMaSH IPA made with 100% Dark German Munich malt and 100% Ontario grown Santiam hops from our friends at Clear Valley Hops in Ontario. This awesome collaboration features great malty flavours of biscuit, honey and toasted grain with a unique hop structure featuring a fragrant floral nose followed by a lemon-lime flavour touch, finishing with that unmistakable Santiam character: spicy and citrus notes and floral aroma resulting from copious dry-hopping.

Out just in time for Robbie Burns Day is Professor McDougall’s Oban Heather Scottish Ale, which has the following notes:

Made with loads of Golden Promise Malt, it has a perfect malty biscuity base to showcase the 35 kg of Scottish Heather flowers we put into the brew. To balance all those heady floral notes of the Heather, we added lots and lots of wildflower honey from our producer up in the Annapolis Valley, and just a hint of peat smoked malt. The we added just a touch of English Fuggles hops to balance the whole affair.

Both beers are available at private beer and wine stores in Nova Scotia, select bars in Halifax and Antigonish, the Boxing Rock stalls at Halifax Seaport Market and Alderney Farmers’ Market, and at the Boxing Rock retail store.

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