Brewery District Designation Proposed for West Toronto


TORONTO, ON – A group of breweries in the west end of Toronto have banded together to propose that the area be designated an official Brewery District.

As reported by Toronto Metro, the plan is being spearheaded by Steve Himel of Henderson Brewing, which will be opening this spring in the heart of an area that features a dozen operating and soon-to-open breweries.

In addition to Henderson, the breweries included in the proposal are Bandit Brewery, Bellwoods Brewery, Blood Brothers Brewing, Burdock Brewing, Duggan’s Brewery, Folly Brewpub, Halo Brewery, Indie Alehouse Brewing, Junction Craft Brewing, Lansdowne Brewery and Rainhard Brewing, plus coffee brewers Station Cold Brew.

City councillor Ana Bailāo of Ward 18 Davenport – a ward in which a number of the breweries are located – has pledged support for the proposal, saying that a designated Brewery District could “bring a lot of financial benefit by creating jobs and promoting entrepreneurship, and that it “would be a tourist attraction for both locals and visitors, adding to the city’s already vibrant culinary scene.”

While it’s not yet confirmed when the proposal will be considered by the city, Himel says that there are plans to hold a Brewery District Festival at the Henderson facility (128A Stirling Road) on July 31st.

For more details, see the Brewery District Toronto Facebook page.

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