Strange Fellows Releases Dickie-San Ginger Wit & Celebrates Setsubun


VANCOUVER, BCStrange Fellows Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition beer, as well as the latest in its Strange Days series of events that are inspired by superstitions and customs from around the world.

Now on tap at the brewery is Dickie-San Ginger Wit, a 4.5% abv spiced wheat ale with the following background notes:

In collaboration with our friend Stephen Tuffs of Dickie’s Ginger Beer, we’ve brewed our Jongleur Wit beer with a generous quantity of fresh-pressed ginger. It;’s a light & spicy, cockles-warming brew that we suspect may soothe sore throats, boost the immune system, and if not cure the common cold, at least make it easier to bear. Oh, and it exorcises evil spirits too!

This new beer has been released in conjunction with the brewery’s celebration of Setsubun, a Japanese festival that marks the end of winter with a scattering of roasted soybeans to ward off evil and mischievous spirits.

Setsubun is being marked at the brewery from February 1st to 7th, with the main event taking place on the evening of February 3rd with a karaoke party from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

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