Molson Coors Canada Launches John Molson Archival Series With 1908 Historic Pale Ale


TORONTO, ONMolson Coors Canada has announced the release of the first beer in the John Molson Archival Series, a new brand collection that “celebrates original historical recipes found within (the Molson) archives.”

John H.R. Molson and Bros. 1908 Historic Pale Ale is – as the lengthy name suggests – a pale ale based on a recipe from 1908. The brewmasters at Molson worked with barley breeders, maltsters, and hops experts to recreate the recipe as closely as possible using modern ingredients, and the beer was fermented with an ale yeast derived from a strand in use at Molson since the 1700s.

The resulting 6.8% abv and 47 IBU ale is described as follows:

An unfiltered ale, with a strong copper red-gold glow, and rich foam head. A full malty aroma, enhanced with the soul of Molson’s heritage ale yeast, topped off with traditional herbal spicy hop field aromas. Flavour has malty smoothness up front, followed by an intriguing complexity in mid-mouth. The hop bitterness is strong and pleasant, well balanced with a smooth biscuit maltiness, combining in a stimulating finish.

Molson 1908 Historic Pale Ale is available now across Canada in 625 ml and 341 ml bottles, with package formats and pricing varying by province. For more details, check with your local beer retailer.

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