Smithworks Brewing Changes Name to Smithavens


PETERBOROUGH, ON – Smithworks Brewing has announced that due to the fact that its “name sounded a bit too much like somebody else’s”, it is now doing business as Smithavens Brewing.

Opened in the spring of 2014 by three Smiths – brewmaster Graham, his brother Randy, and Randy’s wife Kelly – Smithworks has had a successful run of nearly two years, with a number of brands available at its retail store and on draught. Its Kellerbier is also available at LCBO and Beer Store locations, as well as several local grocery stores where it’s being sold alongside the brewery’s Dunkeweizen.

Bottles, glassware and merchandise featuring the new Smithavens name are rolling out now, and the brewery’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed have all been renamed to reflect the new branding.

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