Henderson & Beau’s Release Collaborative Mot The Hopple Amber Ale


TORONTO, ON – Henderson Brewing and Beau’s All-Natural Brewing have announced the release of a new collaborative beer with a name inspired by a band from the 1970s UK glam rock era.

Mot The Hopple – a beery variation on Mott the Hoople – is a 6.6% hop-forward amber ale described as follows:

Henderson Brewing’s Mark Benzequen came to Vankleek Hill to work with Beau’s Brewmaster Matthew O’Hara on the selection of certified organic hops for Mot the Hopple, eventually landing on Pacific Gem and Simcoe, New Zealand variety Motueka for aroma, and a dry-hopping with Citra. The aroma has generous notes of grapefruit-like citrus and resinous pine. The vibrant hop notes in the flavour are counterbalanced by a slightly roasty and full-bodied backbone. The finish offers lingering fruity hop notes.

Mot The Hopple will be on tap exclusively at select craft beer bars in Toronto, where Henderson will be opening its brewery and retail store in mid-May.

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