Bad Apple Brewhouse To Do Business as Mosaic Brewing Due To Trademark Dispute


SOMERSET, NSBad Apple Brewhouse has announced that due to a trademark dispute with a similarly named brew-on-premise operation in Ontario, it will now be doing business outside of Nova Scotia under the Mosaic Brewing name.

As explained by owner Jeff Saunders, while Ontario’s Bad Apple Brewing was launched two years after the Nova Scotia brewery, its owners trademarked the Bad Apple name and threatened Saunders with a lawsuit unless he paid a substantial fee to continue using it.

Saunders attempted to reach a more reasonable agreement with the Ontario company, but when that failed, he decided to use the Mosaic Brewing brand on any products sold outside of his home province, while continuing to use the Bad Apple brand in Nova Scotia where his business registration allows him to do so.

The Mosaic name and logo come from a charity beer that Bad Apple has been brewing since 2014 in support of Saunders’ son and others who are afflicted with Mosaic Down Syndrome.

For more details, see the Bad Apple/Mosaic website.

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