Pump House Releases Muddy River Stout & Best Friend Märzen as Seasonal Brands


MONCTON, NBPump House Brewery has announced the release of two limited edition seasonal beers.

Muddy River Stout is a 4.5% abv oatmeal stout that is part of the core draught line-up at the Pump House brewpub, and is now making one of its rare appearances in bottles. It’s described as follows:

Our oatmeal stout is a deep black colour with a roasty aroma of malt, espresso, and chocolate. Full and velvety with more sweet flavours of malt, coffee, and chocolate as suggested in the aroma. Lightly acidic with a big finish. Oatmeal surely isn’t just for breakfast anymore!


Best Friend Märzen is a 5.5% abv lager that is brand new from the brewery, with the following tasting notes:

This Märzen graces the palate with a velvety mouthfeel from the combination of specialty malts and fine Hallertau hops. The hop bitterness is supported by a pleasant sweetness from Vienna and aroma-friendly malts. The alcohol is noticeable but doesn’t play too much into the taste profile. The bitterness is slightly lingering, while the sweetness remains on your lips and prepares you for the next sip of peak brewing performance.

Both beers are available now in six-packs of 341 ml bottles at the Pump House retail store and ANBL locations for a limited time.

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