Half Hours On Earth Brewery Opening This Weekend in Seaforth, Ontario


SEAFORTH, ON – A new brewery focused on producing sour and funky beers will be opening in the small town of Seaforth, Ontario this weekend.

Half Hours On Earth Brewery has been founded with the aim to create beers that are “inspired by the Farmhouse Ales, Lambics, Brett-Infused Trappist Ales, American Wild Ales and 100% Brett Fermentation beers found in Belgium, the United States & Canada.”

Located at 151 Main St. South in Seaforth, Half Hours On Earth will be opening this Saturday March 26th, and will have nine beers bottled and available to purchase, including Re-Up Brett Bitter, Train Island American Farmhouse Pale Ale, Control Bored Tart Farmhouse Ale Brewed with Chamomile, and more.

Bottles and merchandise can be reserved for pick-up at the brewery via the Half Hours On Earth website, and an option to ship within Ontario will be available soon.

For more details, see the Half Hours On Earth website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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