4 Degrees Brewing Officially Launches in Smiths Falls


SMITHS FALLS, ONInside Ottawa Valley reports that the first brewing company in Smiths Falls officially launched last month after several years of planning and test runs.

4 Degrees Brewing has been co-founded by Nick Ritchie and Andrew Howard, with Joe Adams and Chris Haines on board as co-owners.

4 Degrees has a pair of flagship brands – True North of 7 (“an easy drinking Helles Lager with subtle hoppy flavours and a crisp finish”) and True South of 7 (“bolder in flavour and colour with Amber hues and a smooth caramel flavor” – that are currently being produced at Taps Brewing in Niagara Falls while the partners for a location closer to home.

4 Degrees beers are currently available at select bars and pubs in the Smiths Falls. For more details, see the brewery’s Facebook page.

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