Big Rig Hoppin’ Maibock Now Available at LCBO


OTTAWA, ONBig Rig Brewery has announced the release of a new seasonal brand via the LCBO.

Hoppin’ Maibock is a “hoppy spring bock” that is replacing the previously available Bock Me Gently winter bock in the brewery’s seasonal rotation.

The 5.8% abv lager is described as follows:

This classic amber lager style is the perfect transitional beer between winter and summer. It has a nice malt backbone that gives it the right touch of richness. And, the late addition of hops provides a fresh new take on this traditional beer. “With Hoppin’ Maibock we decided to put a modern twist on this spring beer,” says Lon Ladell, Big Rig Brewery’s brewmaster. “We dry hopped it with a New Zealand variety to introduce big tropical notes that lead into its complex, malty body. It balances a light touch of alcohol heat for cooler spring nights, but is still refreshing and thirst-quenching for afternoons on the patio.”

Big Rig Hoppin’ Maibock will be available until the end of spring at LCBO locations throughout Ontario, retailing for $2.95 per 473 ml can.

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