Sleeman Releases Railside Session Ale


GUELPH, ON Sleeman Breweries has announced the release of a new “balanced, full-flavoured, session-style ale” inspired by a bit of local history.

Railside Session Ale is a 4.2% abv and 26 IBU ale named after the wild hops that grow along a railway route that runs through Guelph and which used to carry trains that hauled hops to the original Sleeman Silver Creek Brewery in the late 1800s.

The beer has the following tasting notes:

The combination of Galaxy and Cascade hops give this beer a fruity-citrus, slightly grapefruit aroma with a balanced body from a blend of Canadian 2 row pale and crystal malts. The lower alcohol and crisp finish make this a very drinkable, sessionable addition to the Sleeman family.

Sleeman Railside Session Ale is being rolled out now, and will be available nationwide by early May. Format availability and pricing will vary by province.

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