Nita Wout De Smet Has a Goud Tooth Golden Pale Ale Now Available


OTTAWA, ONNita Beer Company has announced the release of a new seasonal beer with an intriguing name.

Wout De Smet Has a Goud Tooth is a 6.5% abv and 40 IBU ale with the following description:

Wout de Smet Has a Goud Tooth is a Golden Pale Ale has a very clean and restrained “Belgian” character, almost lager like. Subtle notes of biscuit with an ale like aroma are presented from the malt. Floral, citrus, herbal flavor and aroma are imparted from the single hop variety Aramis added during a late kettle addition. This golden pale has a crisp dry finish with an assertive bitterness without a lingering aftertaste.

Wout De Smet is available now in cans and growlers at the Nita retail store while supplies last.

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