Black Bellows Brewing Debuts in Collingwood


COLLINGWOOD, ONOntario Beverage Network reports that a new brewing company has launched in Collingwood, and has released its first beer to licensees in the Collingwood and Toronto areas.

Black Bellows Brewing has been founded by Scott Brown and Peter Braul, who are brewing under contract while scouting for a permanent location in Collingwood.

The debut beer from the company is Black Bellows White Beer, a Belgian-style wheat ale that Braul describes to OBN as follows:

Like with most witbiers, we use citrus and spices, but we’re using a unique blend and focus on sourcing on the freshest spices available, which makes a big difference. Our goal was to create a beer that, as complex as it is, doesn’t have any sharp edges, flavour wise – you can’t really pick out any of the specific spices, fruit or herbs.

Black Bellows White Beer is currently available exclusively on draught, but bottled product is expected to be available at the LCBO later this year.

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