Junction Craft Brewing Announces Move & Expansion Plans


TORONTO, ON – More than a year after it was first rumouredJunction Craft Brewing has announced that it will be moving into a new and much larger facility early in West Toronto next year.

The brewery’s new home will be a 16,000 square foot space in the former Symes Road Incinerator at 150 Symes Road. The art deco building was erected by the city in 1934, and operated as an incinerator and waste transfer facility before sitting idle for a number of years.

Purchased by a developer in 2012, the building has a Heritage Toronto designation, and will restored in a way that retains much of its original design before Junction moves in.

“We’re very excited to be up and running there by early next year,” said brewery president Tom Paterson in a statement. “We’ll be opening a facility that, in addition to a new 25hL brewhouse and increased production and distribution capabilities, will offer brewery tours, an event space, and an expanded tap room and retail bottle shop.”

This move will put Junction just steps from two other breweries, as Rainhard Brewing is currently open at 100 Symes Road, and Shacklands Brewing will be opening in another unit in the same building later this year.

For more details, see the full announcement on the Junction Craft Brewing website.

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