Rhythm & Brews Announces Collaboration with Diemonds


TORONTO, ONOntario Beverage Network reports that Rhythm & Brews Brewing has announced new beer that was created in collaboration with Juno-nominated heavy metal group Diemonds.

Never Wanna Die P.A. is a pale ale with the following description:

Never Wanna Die P.A. embodies every thing a solid rock’n’roll beverage needs: attitude, power, and a sessionable flavour that goes down easy all night in the mosh pit. A melody of German Pale and Vienna malts with a dynamic accent of American Citra and New Zealand Pacific Jade hops. Brightly coloured with a crisp body and fair share of citrus, the beer is designed to accompany live hard rock and raised horns.

Never Wanna Die P.A. will make its debut on June 18th at Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club, where Diemonds and Sumo Cyco will be co-headlining a NXNE showcase event in celebration of the Bovine’s 25th anniversary. Distribution to other licensees will follow soon afterwards.

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