Lost Craft Moving Production to Scarborough This Summer


TORONTO, ONInside Toronto reports that Lost Craft Brewing is planning to move production of its beer this summer to a new facility in Scarborough, the easternmost district of Toronto.

Co-founded by Scarborough native Shehan De Silva and a number of partners, Lost Craft currently has it’s single brand – the Kölsch-style Revivale – brewed under contract at Cool Brewing.

According to De Silva, production of Revivale and other “really great tasting beers that are balanced” will soon be taking place at Craft Brewers Coalition, a new facility being opened by brewmaster Jamie Mistry that will be focused on brewing contract and collaborative brands. In addition to retail and licencee distribution, beers produced at the facility will also be available in an on-site taproom and retail store.

For more details on the move, see the full Inside Toronto article, and watch for more information about the Craft Brewers Coalition in a future post here on CBN.

(NOTE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Lost Craft would be opening its own brewery in Scarborough. A company representative has clarified details that were unclear in the Inside Toronto article, and the post was updated accordingly.)

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