Strange Fellows Releases Reynard Oud Bruin


VANCOUVER, BCStrange Fellows Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition beer that has been more than a year in the making.

Reynard Oud Bruin is a 6.5% abv barrel-aged ale named after a fox character that appears in many ancient fables. The beer has the following description:

Both villain and hero of the story, Fox is the quintessential trickster, exposing foolishness and greed with an irreverent flick of his tail. This classic Flemish style beer, with its sweet and sour character is a tribute to Fox’s duality. Aging for one year in French oak barrels lends a subtle woody vanilla note to this tart, cherry-like brown ale.

Reynard is available now in a limited run of 750 ml bottles at the Strange Fellows retail store and select private liquor stores in Vancouver.

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