Unibroue Releases Limited Edition Éphémère Blueberry


CHAMBLY, QCUnibroue has announced the latest addition to its Éphémère line-up of fruit-infused wheat beers.

Éphémère Blueberry, a 5.5% abv wheat ale infused with blueberries, is described as follows:

Like its previous iterations, the Éphémère Blueberry is a limited release, just in time to celebrate the arrival of summer. Its luscious red colour, with hints of purple, is beautifully adorned with creamy, pinkish foam. “The beer wort used for Éphémère Blueberry is made from home-grown blueberries,” reveals Brewmaster Jerry Vietz. “The Éphémère Blueberry is a white Belgian ale brewed with fruit, with medium bubbles and bold effervescence. It has a balanced bouquet of berries and citrus, with a dominant blueberry flavour and a subtly spicy finish that’s delightfully refreshing.”

Éphémère Blueberry – or Éphémère Bleuet, as it’s known in its home province of Quebec – will be available for a limited time in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. For more details on availability and pricing, check with local beer retailers.

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