Off Grid Ales Planning Autumn Opening in Southwestern New Brunswick


HARVEY STATION, NBCBC News reports that a brewery currently under construction in New Brunswick will be one of the most isolated in Canada when it opens later this year.

The aptly named Off Grid Ales is located on the edge of Harvey Lake in rural New Brunswick, several kilometres from the nearest power lines. So as with the nearby home of owners Randy and Denise Rowe, the brewery will be completely off-the-grid, and will depend on solar and wind power to operate.

“You can’t produce a lot of electricity without spending a lot of money so basically we have to do everything very energy-efficiently,” says Randy. “That’s how we’ve designed the brewery to be able to run on a fraction of what other places would use.”

The first beers from Off Grid Ales are expected to be released this autumn, with the initial line-up including a red ale, double IPA, and two others to be announced.

For more details, see the full CBC News article, and the Off Grid Ales Facebook page.

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