Good Robot & Schoolhouse Release Collaborative Skratch Plaskett Electric Tambourine Ale


HALIFAX, NS – Good Robot Brewing and Schoolhouse Brewery have announced the release of a new collaborative beer inspired by the love of music festivals that the owners of both breweries share.

Skratch Plaskett Electric Tambourine Ale is a 5.8% ABV and 25 IBU ale with a name that pays tribute to two local musical artists, Skratch Bastid and Joel Plaskett. Brewed at Good Robot, is has the following notes:

It was only right that we brew a beer that embodied the characteristics of festivals that we hold dear: simple, laid back, refreshing, collaborative, and yet quirky and interesting. After taste-testing 8 iterations we brewed together, we settled on a final design that embodies collaboration. Like the Nova Scotian musicians this beer is named for, we are two very different breweries with respect and enjoyment of each other’s unique style. And like the music festivals we and the musicians we love attend, we hope this beer brings people together for strange and beautiful times.

Skratch Plaskett Electric Tambourine Ale is available now at Good Robot in Halifax, and soon at Schoolhouse in Falmouth.

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