Category 12 Continues Elemental Series with Dry-Hopped Sour


VICTORIA, BCCategory 12 Brewing has announced the latest in the Elemental Series, a series of limited run releases that will be “diving deep into unique beer styles, alternate microbes and obsessing over the elemental makeup of these beers.”

Dry-Hopped Sour has the following notes:

Complex and refreshing, this light and distinctly tart beer has been soured with a mixed Lactobacillus culture and fermented with Saccharomyces Trois wild yeast. To balance the acidity, we generously dry hopped with new German hop varieties Hüll Melon and Mandarina Bavaria which showcase aromas of summer fruit.

The release also introduces a new brewing statistic, Total Acidity (TA), which is defined as follows:

Total acidity is measured in grams of lactic acid per litre – the main souring ingredient in sours. The general range of total acidity in sour beers is 0 to 15 g/L. Our Dry-Hopped Sour has a total acidity of 3.4 g/L, but like IBU’s in beer, the total acidity can be perceived differently depending on the other elements. With a measure of 3.4 g/L, our sour is on the lower end of the scale, but the light body allows the acidity and tartness to shine through.

Dry-Hopped Sour is available now in glasses, growlers and bottles at the Category 12 brewery, with bottles being released at select craft beer friendly liquor stores in BC.

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