Kensington Market Pils Debuting at Toronto’s Festival of Beer


TORONTO, ONKensington Brewing Company has announced details of a new beer that will be making a festival appearance this weekend in advance of a full roll-out in the autumn.

Market Pils is a 4.7% abv and 35 IBU lager brewed using Czech yeast, Pils malt and Bravo hops. It’s briefly described as follows:

Market Pils was brewed to work really, really well with soft cheese from our neighbourhood. It’s crisp and has a proper euro-lager bitterness to cleanse the palate, with bright hops for a twist to an old style.

Kensington Market Pils will make its debut at Toronto’s Festival of Beer (July 22nd to 24th at Exhibition Place), and will be available at the LCBO year-round starting this September.

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