Howe Sound Releases 20th Anniversary Kettle Sour


SQUAMISH, BC – Howe Sound Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition beer to mark its 20th anniversary.

20th Anniversary Kettle Sour is a 7.5% abv sour ale described as follows:

The 20th Anniversary Kettle Sour is dry hopped and brewed similarly to a regular ale, except the temperature of the kettle is adjusted, and the wort is inoculated with Lactobacillus bacteria. Lacto in the wort begins producing acid, lowering the pH, and adding a tart flavor. Following fermentation, it is dry hopped with Galaxy and Vic Secret, both Australian hops that add fruity and tropical notes. Overall the beer is complex with tart acidity, sweet malt, and fruity hop notes which play off each other.

Howe Sound 20th Anniversary Kettle Sour is available now in limited run of 750 ml corked-and-caged bottles at select liquor stores in British Columbia.

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