Government of Alberta Announces Grant Program for Small Breweries


EDMONTON, AB – Following quickly on the implementation earlier this month of a standardized beer markup for all breweries regardless of size and location, the Government of Alberta has announced details of a new grant program that will assist the small Alberta breweries that were hit hardest by the new markup structure.

The Alberta Small Brewers Development Program will award grants to all breweries in the province that produce less than 300,000 hectolitres, with amounts allocated based on sales volume.

According to a Calgary Herald report, the program is expected to pay out roughly $20 million annually, leaving the government $16 million in new income from the increased markup which goes in effect August 1st. Most of this increase will come from British Columbia and Saskatchewan brewers who were previously subject to much lower markups, and will not be receiving the same grants as Alberta’s brewers.

In its response to the new program, the Alberta Small Brewers Association says that its members “applaud the consultative approach taken by the government”, and that “a government program to ensure the continued growth and development of the local industry is welcomed.”

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