Broke ‘n Rode Brewing Seeking Investor or Buyer


100 MILE HOUSE, BC – A brewery that opened in the South Cariboo region of British Columbia earlier this year has announced that it is looking for an investor or buyer in order to make it feasible to stay in operation.

Broke ‘n Rode Brewing co-owner Kevin Grinyer explains the situation as follows:

Essentially we need to expand our operation to acquire a broader market. Despite our previous and current research showing the immense verbal support of our community we do not get enough locals in who actually purchase product. We are searching for a partner since our capital has run out, and we’re even considering the sale of our established brewery. The idea is if ourselves or a new owner can increase production with larger equipment and more staff, we would be able to promote our beer throughout BC.

The brewery has set up a special website with details on the opportunity, and welcomes all interested parties to contact them for more information.

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