Indie Ale House Brewing Official Beer for Toronto Beer Week 2016


TORONTO, ON – The organizers of Toronto Beer Week have announced details for the official beer of the 2016 edition of the event.

The Interloper is a 6% abv ale brewed by Indie Ale House, and described as follows:

This beer is a barrel aged and blended non-traditional take on the Farmhouse style ale, which like the great city of Toronto, defies description. A beer, and a city that are complex, a mixture of cultural influences and tastes, balancing a rich flavour while being approachable for everyone. The Interloper does not quite fit a traditional description, and may be gone soon, but can be enjoyed during TBW while it lasts

The Interloper will be available at select bars and events during Toronto Beer Week, and a limited number of bottles will be put on sale at the Indie Ale House bottle shop and select LCBO outlets in the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto Beer Week 2016 will be taking place at venues throughout the city on September 16th to 24th. For more information, see the TBW website.

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