Goose Island Rambler IPA Now Available in Canada


TORONTO, ONLabatt Breweries has announced that it has brought another seasonal brand from Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Co. into the Canadian marketplace for a limited time.

Rambler IPA is a 6.7% abv and 65 IBU ale with the following description:

Brewed with hops from our own Elk Mountain Farms, Goose Island Rambler IPA is the perfect companion for those looking for a heartier beer to welcome the cooler seasons ahead. Pouring a rich auburn, giving way to fresh pine aromas, our great hops provide a balanced spicy & dry finish that warms like a cozy sweater on a cold, crisp day.

Rambler IPA is available now in most regions of Canada, both as a stand-alone release and as part of the Goose Island Fall Seasonal pack along with Goose IPA and Honker’s Ale. For more details, check with local beer/liquor retailers.

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