4th Meridian Brewing Now Open in Lloydminster


LLOYDMINSTER, ABThe Daily Beer reports that a brewery has launched in a prairie city where it can’t legally distribute its beer to a good portion of the residents.

4th Meridian Brewing is a new nanobrewery opened last month by partners Helen Ramful, Brad Hoffman and Edward James in Lloydminster, a city that is located on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan, and split between the two provinces.

Named after a designation for the border defined by the Alberta Township Survey System, 4th Meridian is currently brewing on a 3.5 barrel system in the garage of Hoffman’s parents on the outskirts of the Alberta side of the city, and is only allowed to distribute within Alberta due to provincial liquor laws, meaning that it can’t sell and deliver beer to licensees on the Saskatchewan side of town.

Even with this limitation, the is brewing several brands – including Bachelor Blond AleRe-Session Ale and Mango Hefeweizen – to sell on the Alberta side, with distribution currently limited to sales to bars and restaurants. According to the article, “their goal is to make beer, build support and capital, and then open a bigger brewery with taproom in the town.”

For more details, see the full article at The Daily Beer, as well as the 4th Meridian website.

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