Brewsters Collaborates With Local Barley Growers on Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale


CALGARY, ABBrewsters Brewing has announced the release of a new seasonal ale that serves as a counterpoint of sorts to the many harvest ales brewed using local hops, instead using local malt.

Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale was brewed with malt made from Syngenta AAC Synergy barley grown on several local farms including Gatez and Cissel Farms, Eliason Farms, Bruce Farms, Page Ranches, and Holtman Farms. It’s described as follows:

We’re a local Albertan brewery, so the question is this: Why wouldn’t we use local Albertan grain? Supporting local not only helps our community’s economy, but it also helps lower our carbon footprint. Our Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale has given us the opportunity to learn about each other’s industries. It’s a collaboration brew that comes full circle, from the crops in the farmer’s hands, right into our brewery. The farmers we worked with not only had a hand in growing the barley we use, but they also had a say in how they wanted their ingredients to present themselves in Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale. They agreed on a medium bodied beer, straw to gold colour with the use of a German hop, mandarina bavaria, to offer a single hopped component that complements the malt to bring a light, citrusy, fruity presentation.

Beer Clouds Anti-Hail Ale is available now at all Brewsters locations and select liquor stores in Alberta.

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