Dead Frog Releases Atomic Cherry Tart Cherry Ale


ALDERGROVE, BCDead Frog Brewery has announced the release of its latest limited edition seasonal brand.

Atomic Cherry Tart Cherry Ale is a 5% abv sour ale with the following description:

The Atomic Cherry is a tart red ale with all natural flavours of fresh cherries.  “We got a lot of great feedback on the Blueberry Blast and wanted to follow it up with another sour brew”, says Dead Frog Head Brewer Cole Smith. “This one’s a tart for the fall and winter, so we increased the mouth feel and malt flavours a bit, and added cherries to round out the tartness.  The fresh cherry flavour, rich and robust malts, and crisp tart finish all combine to create a one of a kind seasonal we think people will love.”

Atomic Cherry is available now in bottle 6-packs at liquor stores in British Columbia, and it will be featured in the new Dead Frog Dozen sampler pack that is shipping to B.C. stores next week. Both packages will also be released in Alberta next month.

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