Government of Saskatchewan Lowers Markup & Levy for Smaller Breweries


REGINA, SK – The Government of Saskatchewan has announced changes to its beer markup and production levy structure that will reduce costs to small and medium sized breweries in the province and elsewhere.

Effective November 1st, the markup rates on all domestic and imported beer sold via the SLGA and private distributors in the province will be changed to a new graduated structure that starts at 40 cents per litre for breweries that produce less than 2500 HL annually, going up to $1.565 per litre for those producing more than 200,000 HL:


In addition, production levies on beer brewed in Saskatchewan and sold by the brewery directly to consumers, retailers or licensees will be reduced to the following amounts:


These changes follow several others introduced earlier this month that are also intended to support the province’s craft beer industry, including allowing breweries to open a second retail location separate from their production facility, and allowing them to sell products from any other Saskatchewan-based brewery, winery or distillery.

For more details, see the full press release and backgrounder.

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