Folly Brewpub Announces Late Autumn Release Schedule


TORONTO, ONFolly Brewpub has announced its busy release schedule for the rest of November and early December, including a number of unique limited offerings.

The season kicks off today (November 11th) with the official launch of Third Smile, a farmhouse ale that was “brewed with buckwheat, fermented with saison yeast and brettanomyces claussenii, and barrel fermented.” Previewed at Folly’s 1st anniversary party in October, it will be back on draught, and also available in a very limited run of 750 ml green glass bottles, emulating the packaging of old world classics like Saison Dupont.

Also going on tap today is Motivated Reasoning, which has the following notes:

We’re releasing a fun new hybrid style which we’re calling a Farmhouse DIPA. You could probably also call it a dry hopped farmhouse golden ale, but the gist is that it’s a mixed fermentation, peppery and dry super saison brewed with loads of oats and both hopped and dry hopped with a whack of Citra and Columbus. Leaning towards those New England vibes with our classic funky twist. Oh, yah, it’s 8.5% too so it packs a wallop.

Friday November 18th will see bottle releases of Motivated Reasoning and Aux Sables, a beer that has been available on draught for a couple of weeks, and which is described as follows:

This is a shorter term barrel aged beer primary fermented with our house brettanomyces claussenii strain then aged two months in a former Southbrook barrel with the brettanomyces strains from Escarpment Labs New World Saison blend. It’s a base of flaked rye and wheat with golden naked oats and munich malts for a beautiful, orangey colour. Light funk, oak, vanilla, and orange pith can be found in the nose. Lightly hopped with French Strisselspalt, this is a pure expression of brettanomyces. The combination of oaky vanilla and juicy brettanomyces orange pith make it a bit like a more adult creamsicle.

On Friday November 25th, ULLA (dark Brett ale with raspberries) and Little Barasway (Brett porter) will be returning to the bottle shop, alongside the brand new Tibb’s Eve, a spiced ale inspired by an Newfoundland holiday tradition:

Our super special Christmas Bière de Nöel! It’s a Belgian-inspired Quadruple base, barrel fermented, and spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and fresh orange peel. The name is from our brewers’ home of Newfoundland where it’s tradition to go out and drink (often too much) with friends on December 23rd before nestling in with family for the next three days. Some say Tibb’s Eve is the best day of the whole season!

(Reservations for bottles of Tibb’s Eve will be taken in advance, with details to be announced later today.)

Finally, Friday December 2nd is the release date for Flemish Cap Reserve, a special edition of one of the brewery’s flagship brands:

Our trusty old world saison is a perfect example how time can change a beer. Leave a bottle of Flemish Cap to age for a month or two and the residual brettanomyces will change that lemony brightness to a more complex orange peel and funk character. It’s the same, but different. We tire of pointing out this magic trick of time, so we’ve aged out some Flemish Cap for all of you that we’ll be selling in our new reserve label as Flemish Cap Reserve.

For more details on all of these beers, as well as a hint at some future releases, see the full announcement on the Folly website.

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