Henderson Brewing Continues Monthly Ides Series with Put Your Scarf On Geddy


TORONTO, ONHenderson Brewing has announced details of the latest release in its Ides Series of monthly limited edition beers.

For the Ides of November, the brewery is offering Put Your Scarf On Geddy, a 10% abv “dry-hopped Canadian Imperial Stout [that] uses rye to deliver a dry finish to the flavours of coffee and chocolate that dominate its up-front taste.”

The beer was named after Geddy Lee of legendary Toronto band Rush – or rather, the following story about him:

Back in high school, there was a girl who claimed she was Geddy’s cousin. According to her, Geddy’s mother’s thick Polish accent rounded off the corners of his more pedestrian ‘real’ name, Gary. The girl said she could remember hearing his mom call out “Put your scarf on, Geddy, or you’ll catch cold!” Whether or not her story is true, his mom’s advice is wisdom for the ages. This decidedly winter beer, like a big cozy scarf for your tummy, is a toast to Geddy’s mom’s good sense, and the desire we all share to not catch cold.

Put Your Scarf On Geddy will be released tomorrow (November 19th) in a limited run of 1200 x 650 ml bottles, a portion of which are reserved for monthly subscribers, with the rest available exclusively in the Henderson retail store for $9.95 per bottle. It will also be on tap for glasses and growler fills at Henderson for the next four weeks, and at select licensees in Toronto.

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