Katalyst Brewing Launching in Toronto Soon


TORONTO, ON – A new contract brewer with an aim to open a physical location in Toronto’s west end is getting set to release its first beer next month.

Katalyst Brewing has been founded by long-time homebrewer Mark Verok, who is treating contract brewing as “a means to an end” in order to build up the  brand and attract investors for a bricks-and-mortar operation.

Verok is currently brewing out of Cool Brewing in Etobicoke, and will soon be launching Symington Saison, the first Katalyst brand.

Symington Saison is a 5.5% abv ale brewed with a grain bill that features rye, wheat and 2-row malt, and Saaz hops. It has the following tasting notes:

Symington Saison is a straw-coloured, contemporary take on a classic French/Belgian style. Notes of clove, pepper, with a slight citrus/tart finish. The beer finishes clean, and leaves the palate without any unpleasant aftertaste.

Symington Saison will be available at select LCBO outlets in Toronto and surrounding area in early December, retailing for $2.90 per 473 ml can. For more details, see the Katalyst Brewing website.

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